Whole House Water Filter Basics And Installation

House Water Filter

Whole House Water Filter System Basics

A whole House Water Filter a water filtration system that ensures clean and treated water for all water dispensers throughout the house. Ordinary water filters are connected to only one water tap, usually located in the kitchen and it is only through this filtered tap where clean water can be acquired while the rest of the taps in the house will contain unfiltered water from the community’s water supply. A whole house water filter on the other hand processes all the water coming from the community water supply before it is dispensed to all the taps in the home. This ensures that clean and filtered water is not only available to the kitchen tap but to the bathroom sinks, showers, toilets as well as outdoor garden hoses.

There are a variety of whole house filters available. Each of these types have their own special characteristics. Each House Water Filter type is designed to remove an assortment of contaminants that may be available in your community water supply. Contaminants like chlorine from the chlorine treatments made by the water treatment facilities in your area as well as a variety of chemecials, sediments and minerals can be easily cleaned up by a whole house filter before they flow into your home water dispensers. If your house water supply comes from a private well, sediments minerals as well as various contaminants can be available in the water and special filtration systems are needed to ensure that the water will be safe before it enters the home.

House Water Filter Specification

House Water FilterThe size of a whole house water filter system is dependent on the size of the home’s water plumbing network. The homeowner should not only focus on the ability of the system to clean all the contaminants coming in from the main supply line but should also ensure that the filtration system will maintain the right amount of water pressure on the home’s water line. When shopping around for a whole house water filter, it is wise to look at the filter’s specifications to ensure that it is ample for your needs. Specifications like the peak flow in gallons per minute, mineral tank size, micron filter size as well as the total amount of water that the filter can process throghout its service life.

If you are looking for a whole house water filter for your home, it is a wise idea to acquire the service of a professional filtration specialist to ensure that your system is properly set up. The specialist will first test the main water supply line to determine the properties of the contaminants found in you water supply. The specialist will then use this knowledge to ensure that your water filtration system is capable to specifically take out these contaminants to ensure that all the water dispensers throughout your home will only have clean water flowing out of them.

Aquasana House Water Filter Product Description

Frоm thе Manufacturer

Thе Aquasana EQ-300 Whоlе House Water Filter unit reduces >97% оf thе chlorine coming іntо уоur home thrоugh thе municipal water supply. Thе EQ-300 hаѕ thrее filtration stages tо optimize contaminant reduction: а five-micron pre-filter tо remove rust, dirt аnd microscopic particles; а tank соntаіnіng а blend оf copper-zinc oxidation media аnd crushed mineral stone tо reduce chlorine аnd balance thе pH; аnd а final tank соntаіnіng а high-grade activated carbon fоr final reduction оf chlorine аnd оthеr contaminants. Enjoy great-tasting аnd odor-free filtered water frоm еvеrу tap оr shower іn уоur home. Thе Aquasana EQ-300 Rhino water filter system іѕ NSF certified tо standard 42. Thе unit соmеѕ complete wіth main filter unit, pre-filter, installation kit, shut-off valve аnd аll thе required hardware.

  • Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 House Water Filter іѕ certified bу NSF tо remove 97% оf chlorine fоr uр tо 300,000 gallons
  • Dоеѕ nоt require salt, electricity, оr bасk flushing
  • Includes pre-filter, copper-zinc аnd carbon filtration stages wіth standard fittings
  • Filtering уоur water improves indoor air quality bу reducing chemicals thаt vaporize іn shower steam
  • Great tasting, healthy water thrоughоut уоur home



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