My Gravity Fed Spring Water System


My Gravity Fed Spring Water System

This is how my gravity fed spring water performs at the Luck Cabin. It brings water down to outdoors the residence, within, and to my animals. It really is wonderful and really …

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  1. Erik Norgiel says:

    nice video…I just found a spring adjacent to our land and was looking for

  2. infantry3358 says:

    Awesome video great energy!…even had a laugh…the way you were talking
    all serious with knowledge and went right into?..”raccoons keep shitting in
    the water”…lol…it was funny as he’ll the way u said it!…keep up the
    good work!

  3. nzinga zindua says:

    How much did it cost to get your trench dug 6 feet for your pipes to be
    buried underground? Awesome idea. I’d like to do similar with my
    rainwater collection.

  4. matthew Parkin says:

    Your an inspiration, great work so far 🙂 

  5. vbluez says:

    While I love all of your free spirited dancing videos… this has got to be
    one of your coolest! The water system is genius and what most people could
    only dream of having in this day and age. No fluoride, chlorine,
    electricity, or water bill?! Fuck yeah! And your donkey is a riot! Did
    you ever get any fish for the pond?

  6. Damon Howell says:

    You are a totally cool chic! Where is this, North Carolina?

  7. Your Hunting Buddy says:

    Nice system. I lmfao when I saw the donkey.

  8. ghostsnipa420 says:

    lol @ the donkey

  9. don brennan says:

    cool little place you have there. I love it

  10. Oliver Burke says:

    That’s awesome. I’m scoping for like that now. Good to know that even a
    small spring like yours can produce plenty of water (if saved) & pressure
    (if inclined).

  11. Kevin Doyle says:

    Being far away from man made electricity is naturally optimum for mind and

  12. James Baker says:

    Love your place. The donkey juju is so cute!

  13. Audrey Mateer says:

    I very much enjoyed this and thank you for the education. We may buy a
    cabin that is spring fed so I am happy to have watched this. I love your
    JuJU ! be safe be happy and love the animals! 

  14. joefinn75 says:

    love your donkey too

  15. Andrew Roby says:

    haha that donkey. That looks like a lovely little chunk of land you’ve got

  16. Sir Pyro says:

    If I were 30yrs younger, I’d help you out year round. LOL You have my
    ‘dream place’ there. Great job! Not a bad idea to have some extra muscle

  17. cri sis says:

    really amazing!! spring water at the cabin is great!! ;-)

  18. River Man says:

    Hey sis that’s really awesome! We live in a cabin like you and are setting
    up our gravity fed water system now. Hope ours works as good as yours!

  19. sgt. Nickel says:

    if it works its good. i recomend still filter and uv light. can be on solar
    if needed. cool and nice job. i subed. i have vids similar in a way to this
    check them out if your board. looks like a ceptic tank. i do this for a
    living lol juju rocks thanx for sharing.

  20. FixedByDoc OffGrid says:

    i love your place. my wife and i are currently building ours from scratch
    on our new 10 acres we just bought with several springs and 2 creeks on it.
    we are 7 1/2 acres of hard woods and 2 1/12 acres of farm fields as well.
    plan to get goats and chickens and rabbits next year. i show it all on my
    channel. getting ready to make my spring fed water system very soon.

  21. MrNobodyNothing says:

    @MrNobodyNothing And thanks for sharing this video. You have an awesome
    home! 🙂

  22. mik22pik says:

    Thanks, fast reply. For water pipes. Go to Lows or HomeDepot or any good
    hardware store. They sell a electric heat wire kit, cheap! People use it
    for house roof & eves to prevent ice dams. It can also be used for outside
    water pipes to prevent icing, uses low VAC current. Be sure you get the one
    for PVC pipe if that’s what your using. Don’t use it during warn weather.
    Just insulate it well! Good Luck, say hello to Juju for me!

  23. Caesarslegion1 says:

    Lol at that raccoon

  24. GoogleGlass says:

    lol Dam those raccoon’s, I want to hang out with her in that cabin

  25. Anthony Rizzo says:

    You are great

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